Here’s what people say about their experience of working with me in the context of television, online media, and education.

  • I invited Jane Williams, a TV producer with a particular background in documentary, to talk to my second year HND students on a wide range of issues pertaining to employment in the contemporary television industry. This was more than just a talk with Jane also organising a series of exercises and effectively giving the class. The feedback from this session was enormously positive. I can strongly recommend Jane for any similar educational role.
    - Dr. Roger Cottrell, Head of HND Filmmaking, Kidderminster College.
  • Jane is a delight to work with.  She’s knowledgeable, conscientious, creative, thorough, attentive to detail, whilst also thinking strategically and with great commonsense. Despite her vast range of media experience she approaches her projects with a modest, gentle, considered approach which people immediately warm to. Jane has very high standards for herself and her work. Only work with her if you want to be stretched and challenged to equally give of your best. Jane is a gem who always delivers top class results. I recommend her highly.
    - Jane Noble Knight, Entrepreneur, Trainer & Social Media Broadcaster.
  • Jane is always passionate about her work, striving to make it the best it can be. Her enthusiasm and assertiveness on every project she undertakes are infectious. She’s a great team player, bringing out the best in those she works with and embodying the BBC Values of fairness and decency, both in her relations to colleagues and public partners. Jane is also very outward looking, aware of the wider business needs of an organization and the industry. Her numerous qualities would transfer practically to any environment.
    - Dick Sharman, Executive Producer, BBC Vision, Birmingham.

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