Pilgrim Home – The Secrets of Scrooby Manor

Scrooby Manor video trailer

Scrooby Manor in Nottinghamshire, England.

The untold story of an English Manor House where the people who met there over 400 year ago would to define the spirit and ideals of the United States of America.

The seeds of Anglo American history were sown in a rural pocket of Nottinghamshire, Scrooby. In 1620 a ship, the Mayflower, set sail for the New World. Years before a group led by a William Brewster, of Scrooby, gathered in secret to plan a new life. Today, the ships passengers, now known as the Pilgrims, could have as many as 35 million living descendants.  A group of them make a pilgrimage back to Scrooby Manor. What remains of the original building and its connection to the Pilgrims? The current owner, Julie Dunstan, seeks out local historian Sue Allan, to help her investigate. As they discover the secrets of Scrooby Manor, what they find, once revealed, writes a new story.

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To be the leading British film in 2020 anniversary of the Pilgrims leaving England 400 years ago.

  • To promote the Midlands ‘Pilgrim Trail’
  • To challenge existing history thought
  • To encourage debate around ideas of society and freedom
  • To acknowledge the contribution of volunteers in heritage sector
  • To support sustainable tourism and events

This one hour documentary presents audiences with the very magical place, Scrooby, its Manor and the people who live and visit there.


Jane Williams

Jane Williams - writer, producer & directorI believe in the power of visual content to raise awareness and promote thought. Over several years I  have developed a personal relationship with the family who own Scrooby Manor and generated links to the organisations connected to the Mayflower story. I am committed to seeing the film through to completion and have related projects in the pipeline.

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Julie Dunstan of Scrooby Manor & Sue Allan, Historian and Author
Julie Dunstan of Scrooby Manor & Sue Allan, Historian and Author.

A visit to Bassetlaw Museum by Julie and Sue to search the archives for clues about Scrooby Manor.



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Jane Williams, Director

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