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I’ve had a creative block for the last week so a film about writer, Eddie, who takes an illegal memory enhancing pill unlocking his full potential was appealing.  “Everything I ever read, heard or seen was just organized and available,” Eddie Mora narrates. “I knew exactly what I needed to do and how to do it.”

I know just how he feels. It’s all in my mind, in fact I can see it.  But I can’t seem to access it.  But would a pill that enhances everything be a good thing ?  Recalling in vivid detail a broken heart, death of a loved one, and the numerous faux pas.  The brain filters itself for a reason, remembering isn’t always the best option, some things are best forgotten.  For now I will have to find another way to trigger my genius into reality.

But what I would recommend is seeing Limitless and that’s not just because of leading man, Bradley Cooper.  Based on the book ‘The Dark Fields’ by Alan Glynn it’s the best balanced films I’ve seen for a while. Everything in the right quantity; visuals, special effects, dialogue, music, drama, suspense and comedy. This form of measured movie making resulted in a classy film, where for a few hours after I too felt invincible.

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