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Is TV guilty of dishing up nutrient-low, unsatisfying portions ?

TV needs to plate up content that's beautiful & nutritious

As the New Year starts, and we turn to thoughts of diets, the realization dawns that there is only so much junk we can take.  We need some sustenance!

I’ve been avidly keeping my eye on 2011 TV schedule and as yet nothing they’ve dished up has tempted me.

Not even a designer suited Rufus Sewell in the new BBC drama ‘Zen’ was enough to get me salivating.  Yes, style is good, but not at the expense of content.

When crafting a film, it’s a well told story, an interesting interpretation with clear writing that makes good viewing. Wrap it up in beautiful images and accessorise with appropriate music and you have a recipe for success.

For something to have great taste and look delicious it often only requires a few well selected quality ingredients.  Bon Appetit.

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