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Jane Williams Content Producer / Director for all forms of media, specialising on factual television.
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Park Life

The Lungs of the City  

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The Iron Man

I recently got the opportunity to film the Graeae Theatre Company.   With a reputation for innovation I’d always wanted to see one of their productions.  They’re currently touring ‘The Iron Man,’ as part of the ‘Without Walls’ summer festival programme. Set up as a platform for deaf and disabled

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My Favourite Things – Part I

  The wonderful Moseley Bog has recently received Heritage funding to improve access for all.  At first I was a little concerned that the new walkways had elevated us above nature. Effectively stopping us having to really engage with it and preventing us getting our boots dirty. Well worn ‘desire

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I’ve had a creative block for the last week so a film about writer, Eddie, who takes an illegal memory enhancing pill unlocking his full potential was appealing.  “Everything I ever read, heard or seen was just organized and available,” Eddie Mora narrates. “I knew exactly what I needed to

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Mar 09, 2011 | Post by: Jane Williams 1 Comments

James Bond in Drag

Yesterday had two important events in the diary. But as much as I like pancakes and the  plastic sweezy Jif lemon bottle, my attention was elsewhere. March 8th 2011 was also International Women’s Day and there is nothing bitter sweet about the inequalities STILL present between men and women. Take

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There’s Something About Mary

Secret Shopper, Channel 4. Mary Portas exudes confidence and that’s attractive, unlike the disguises she wears for the role of undercover ‘Secret Shopper’. As a woman usually so impeccably dressed this illustrates her commitment to raising our standards of customer service. So hail Mary; as this country is failing us

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Blooming Marvellous January Viewing

Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein, BBC 2. At the beginning of the week I was left hungry by television’s offering. By Friday my appetite was satisfied by beautiful images.  Well paced with delightful music ‘Life in a Cottage Garden’ was near perfection. Like the year ahead, it was

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‘Stargazing’ Left Me in The Dark

Stargazing Live, BBC 1. That icon of Astronomy, Sir Patrick Moore, has dominated our screens for over half a century with ‘The Sky at Night’.  It’s been a long time coming, but the BBC eventually discovered a new star, in the shape of Professor Brian Cox. A Physicist, with looks,

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Is TV guilty of dishing up nutrient-low, unsatisfying portions ?

As the New Year starts, and we turn to thoughts of diets, the realization dawns that there is only so much junk we can take.  We need some sustenance! I’ve been avidly keeping my eye on 2011 TV schedule and as yet nothing they’ve dished up has tempted me. Not

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