Birmingham skyline

I’m Jane Williams

‘If there’s a story to be heard how can I give it the voice it deserves?’

This is the question that continues to inspire me. And with over 10 years experience across TV, radio, print and events, I’m in a great place to answer it. Discovering new ideas, people and places is what drives me.

  • Deliver results on target with originality and passion.
  • Treat subject matter and people with clarity and integrity.
  • Promote thought, positivity and action.
  • Manage projects so they are safe and fun.

Fandango Media is the name of my collective projects and collaborations. Placed conveniently in the centre of England I’ve travelled nationally and internationally for work.

Accomplishments include a ‘Broadcast of the Year’ award for the team I was working with about the effects of climate change in the cottage garden. Successful campaign work includes encouraging youth engagement in politics to the promotion of the slow food movement.


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